How To Move Your Microsoft Outlook 2007 IMAP PST File

February 4, 2011

This is a very simple method of moving your outlook PST file from one location to another. It’s usually not recommended you do this but what the heck. I moved my PST file because my drive was running low on space, and it’s an older drive about 4 to 5 years old.

With that being said since emails are important in what I do, here’s how I moved my PST file for Microsoft Outlook 2007, and yes you can move an IMAP PST file. In fact it’s easy to do!

  1. If outlook is currently opened, please close outlook and make sure it isn’t running in the task manager. Click on START, RUN, and type taskmgr then click OK to see your tasks. Go under Processes, and click on Image Name to sort it by name and make sure you do not see OUTLOOK.EXE running. If you do wait until it is no longer listed.
  2. Open your Control Panel, Generally you can get there by going to START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, It may also just be listed on your START menu.
  3. Open the Mail Icon in your Control Panel. Once that is opened Click on the Data Files button.
  4. If you don’t know where your PST file is now, you can simply highlight the Name of the PST file you want to move and click the Open Folder… button. Keep this window open, and move your PST file to the desired location.
  5. Once you have completely moved the file Highlight the PST file you want to modify and click the Settings… button. You can also simply double click on the listing if you prefer.
  6. It should say it can’t find the PST file if you did it correctly. If not it may have created a new empty PST file, rename it, then try again. You should get an open dialog window, browse to where you moved your PST file to and double click it, or highlight and select OPEN.

That’s it! I know I put a lot of words in there but it’s really only a few steps, for the more technically savvy person here’s the short list:

  1. Open the Mail Icon in the Control Panel.
  2. Click the Data Files button.
  3. Move your PST file to the desired location.
  4. Double click on the data file entry, click OK, Browse to the new PST location, and you’re done.

I hope this helps someone. I know it isn’t a new thing out there, let me know if it has helped.

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