My name is Larry Johnson, I’ve been working on computers since 1997. I’m a Developer by nature, but I enjoy being a System Administrator, I prefer Windows over Linux and you’ll just have to get over it. I learn fast, and think well under pressure. I can pick up any programming language in short time, I can read most programming languages, and enjoy learning new technology.

I’ve helped big and small businesses grow, and optimize their servers, code, and helped reduced costs fast. My motto is anything is possible. I’ve been able to reproduce sites and application functionality, and features people love about other software and give my clients what they are looking for!

A little about some of the sites and companies I own:

www.BlueAntApps.com is my iOS development company.
www.NeverEndingMaze.com is a game I wrote back in 1998, it’s been alive since then and if I can help it will always be around ;-) maybe one day with updates.
www.BudgetCactus.com is an online budget application that I wrote while going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial courses.