IIS Secure Firewall

May 1, 2013

A little background on what I enjoy doing. I enjoy may aspects of managing a large IIS server farm. One of those aspects is security. Having used URLScan for so long and learning the best practices of using URLScan I decided it doesn’t provide me with the information or capabilities I am actually looking for. […]


Sorting VB.Net HashTable sorting by Key *Resolved*

September 6, 2012

So there’s two options you have. Use SortedList() instead of HashTable() You can come up with your own Sorted method, see below Method 1 Imports System.Collections … Dim ht As New SortedList() ht.Add(“A4”, “4”) ht.Add(“A1”, “1”) ht.Add(“A3”, “3”) ht.Add(“A2”, “2”) For Each k As DictionaryEntry In ht Console.WriteLine(“{0} is {1}”, k.Key, k.Value) Next Method 2 […]


How to have optional variables in an ASP.Net WebService

May 10, 2012

I searched around and couldn’t find anything specific to fit my needs. I need to be able to have the same call, yet have the ability for optional variables to be posted as well. The problem is you can’t have optional variables in a webservice. That’s not exactly true, you still have access to the […]