Cannot adjust logon rights for vzagent user

April 28, 2013

This could happen if you failed to properly reinstall the service container. This could also happen if you are impatient like me, and kill the task off before it was finished because of a different issue all together ;-). Breif information Anyhow the resolution is to delete the vzagent user account, then reinstall the service […]


Using Google to Hijack your website

July 16, 2012

It amazes me sometimes how clever hackers can be. Doesn’t mean we can’t be smarter, just means they did a good job at hiding their hacking. If you’re like me you’ve scrolled through an IIS log or two and you look for specific, or out of the ordinary looking log entries trying to pin down […]


ZendServer CE 5.2.17 does not let you run AppPools under individual users

March 1, 2012

So we’re doing a big change to improve PHP on our platform, however I ran into a problem when trying to setup and use Zend Server CE 5.2.17. It appears it works great if you use Network Service, but because we want our platform to be more secure, we are running each Application Pool as […]